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You are a landlord at Monteurzimmer.de and have Questions regarding your Listing

1. What are the advantages of renting through Monteurzimmer.de?

Since 2010, the company Passion4Gästezimmer has successfully managed the accommodation portals Monteurzimmer.de and Pension.de. DeinZimmer.de was launched as an extension to bring trainees, students and landlords together even more effectively.On DeinZimmer.de, not only students can find suitable accommodation, but also business travellers, trade fair visitors and price-conscious holidaymakers. Due to our many years of experience on the German market, we are enjoying growing popularity and record around 4 million visits to our accommodation portals every year. With the extended presentation on our sister portals Monteurzimmer.de and Pension.de, you reach a different target group and thus have a higher chance of bookings.We guarantee you a stable price system without hidden costs. Compared to many other accommodation portals, you do not pay any commission on DeinZimmer.de. So you can advertise your accommodation cheaply and successfully and only pay the costs for the respective entry type.Our website is optimised for all devices and automatically adapts to your device - so searchers can easily find suitable accommodation on the go via smartphone, tablet or laptop. We also offer our website in English. Searchers and landlords therefore have no problems using our portal. Listing your accommodation on our portal is quick and easy.

2. How does the search on Monteurzimmer.de work?

At Monteurzimmer.de you have the possibility to search for zip codes, quarters, cities, districts, regions and states. When entering a city into the search field e.g. Berlin, all listings in the list view will be displayed according to their package (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze).
Using the filter "Sort by" you get the result by default rotated when searching for e.g. Berlin. That means that all listings of the same package in the city itself are listed in random order and then followed by all listings in the surrounding of 30 km sorted after their package. You also have the option to narrow or expand the radius via the filter settings. There are a total of four filter setting options for changing the radius.

Radius City Quarter Zip Code
Search in city/zip code only accommodations in city - only accommodations in zip code area
Search in close results Within 10 km of your search query Within 5 km km of your search query (default) Within 5 km km of your search query
Search in extended results Within 30 km of your search query (default) Within 10 km of your search query Within 10 km of your search query (default)
Search in further extended results Within 40 km of your search query Within 20 km of your search query Within 20 km of your search query

When searching for districts, regions and states the search result for the whole area is displayed in random order. Every 15 minutes the search result is being updated and all listings are constantly changing their position. Learn more about the search and get comprehensive information.

If available, the Top entries are positioned above the regular list view. They are limited to eight slots and constantly rotate. The search result is also displayed in the map search. Here the total number of all listings is summarrized. The further you zoom into the map, the more precise is the location of the accommodation.

Rooms seekers can also have the search result listed according to the distance to the geographical center, the price (lowest first) or the maximum number of people. Additionally you can also filter by equipment features. To reserve several listing, you can put them to your favourites.

As the owner of the room rental portal Monteurzimmer.de we are not leasing or mediating but only serve as an interface between room seekers and workers. In addition to the website Monteurzimmer.de, we are also in charge of another room rental portal Pension.de. By expanding your listing to our affiliate portal, you will reach more people and therefore have more chances of booking requests. You can easily mirror your listing from Monteurzimmer.de to Pension.de at any time.

3. Registration of your Rental

3.1. How do I register my rental at Monteurzimmer.de?

Click onto the button "list your property" on the top right. Then you will see a table that provides an overview of all packages and their scope of services. First step, decide on the package. Second step, fill in your billing and contact address. Futhermore, there is also the option to display the booked package at Monteurzimmer.de on our affiliate portal Pension.de. After checking your details, confirm the order by clicking on "buy". Third step, fill in all information about your rental and save everything afterwards. Please make sure that all mandatory information is filled in so all details can be saved successfully. Your newly created listing will be checked by our customer support team within one working day and then published. In addition, an appealing and fully completed profile is very essential. Helpful tips can be found in our competition evaluation.

3.2. Which packages are there and how do they differ?

On our room rental portal Monteurzimmer.de we offer the following packages to present your rental: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Additionally to a Silver, Gold or Platinum Entry you can book a Top-Entry for a search level of your choice.
Basically the packages differ in their order in the search results and various functions that are only available for higher value packages. In regions with more than 50 listings, we recommend the Platinum Entry for an ideal presentation of your accommodation.

3.3. How much does it cost to register at Monteurzimmer.de?

3.4. Entry Creation Guidelines

In order to guarantee all landlords a fair competition and to keep the portal clear for room seekers, there are certain guidelines that must be observed. When creating your listing, please note the following:

    No superlatives may be used in the title as well as price information, number of people, size or surrounding cities
    E.g. “Affordable Accommodation for 10 pers. from 15 €, close to Hamburg” Registering several addresses in one listing is not possible and will cause an incorrect display Make sure that the description text only refers to one accommodation Provide detailed information on the equipment of the accommodation, sleeping facilities, transport connections, parking situation, shopping facilities and restaurants Provide truthful information about the price - additional costs can be explicitly described under "Additional price information" You can only enter your own homepage in the field provided Uploaded pictures must show the actual accommodation Use large pictures in order to display them well resolved Pay attention to image rights. The landlord him-/herself is liable for any violations Photo collages, screenshots, map sections, pictures with labels or colored markings are not allowed

3.5. Housing Protection Act in Hamburg

For the rental of living space, you are responsible for checking and complying with all obligations as a landlord. According to the Housing Protection Act in Hamburg of January 2019, landlords in Hamburg are obliged to provide a valid housing protection number when presenting their accommodation on the Internet. You can add it to your listing under Edit Entry into the provided field. If you have any questions about renting in Hamburg, you can also contact the city of Hamburg or a local adviser.

4. Making changes to your Listing

4.1. How do I edit my listing?

Changes can be made at any time independently and free of charge in the customer area. To do so, you need your access data to login. Under Edit Entry you can open your listing and edit it. All changes are online within 15 minutes after saving. Find more information about it in our Video.

4.2. How do I add pictures?

Pictures can also be added under "Edit Entry" in your Customer Area. It is important that all pictures are uploaded in JPEG or PNG format and do not exceed a maximum size of 5 megabytes. Pictures in landscape mode are suitable as panoramic pictures and make your profile look more appealing. A short description can be made under each uploaded image. Define your cover picture which can be chosen below the description. Additionally the cover picture will be displayed as panoramic picture in your entry. Pay attention to high quality and visually appealing images.

4.3. I forgot my password / How can I log in?

You only need your e-mail address or customer number when logging in, as well as a system-generated login code, which will then be sent to your e-mail address. The previous password is no longer required. Important! Our staff will NEVER ask you for a password or login code. Do not pass on this information to third parties.

4.4. How do I add prices to my accommodation?

Changes on the price can be made at any time in the customer area under "Edit Entry". You have the option to indicate your prices including VAT, plus VAT or no VAT (according to § 19 (1) UStG.). Further information regarding the percentage of the VAT or other notes can be mentioned in additional price information.

4.5. How do I upgrade my listing?

You can upgrade your listing independently at any time in your customer area. To do so, you need your access data to login and click on the tab Upgrade Entry in the overview. Chose the desired package and click on buy. The listing will be online within 15 minutes after being saved. After upgrading, a new contract period is generated for 12 months. Previous payments will be calculated accurate to the day.

4.6. How do I add further listing?

If you want to advertise more accommodations on Monteurzimmer.de, you can register them in your customer area under Add new rental. Choose your desired package and fill in all relevant information about your accommodation.

4.7. Can I indicate more than one billing address?

As of right now, it is not possible to create multiple listings with different billing addresses under one profile. If you want to create several listings with different billing addresses, you have to create a separate profile for each listing. To do so, you need a different E-Mail address for each listing.

5. Increase Visibility

5.1. What is a Top Entry and how do I book it?

A Top Entry is an additional booking that can only be booked with a Silver, Gold or Platinum Entry. There are different search levels to book Top Entries for: zip code areas, quarters, cities, districts, regions and states. With a Gold or Platinum entry, you are able to book Top Entries for every search level. With a Silver entry you can book Top Entries for all search levels but cities. Your regular listing will additionally be displayed above the list view for the specific search level for the selected duration. The number of Top Entries for each search level is limited to 8 slots. In your customer area you can click on the tab “Book a Top Entry” and book one or more Top Entries. The Top Entry is automatically extended by the selected duration period if no cancellation is received. Your existing Silver, Gold or Platinum entry is still presented in the regular list and map view and is also shown at the very top for the selected search level. Find more information about the Top Entry in our Top Entry video

. Buy three, pay two! When booking three Top Entries at the same time, you will receive the cheapest Top Entry for the selected period free of charge. When extending the contract, it will be invoiced regurlarly. The 3 for 2 promotion is not valid in combination with a waiting list spot.

Prices of Top Entries are driven by competition and demand and vary by search level and position.
Duration: 1-12 months
Discounts: 3-5 months: -5% 6-11 months: -10% 12 months: -15%

5.2. Reservation of Top Entries

As soon as all eight Top Entries for a search level are fully booked, there is the possibility to make a binding reservation. To do so, select the desired duration period for your Top Entry. As soon as there are free capacities available, the reservation will be booked bindingly for the selected duration period and you will be informed by E-Mail. A revocation of the reservation has to be sent to us within 14 days after the reservation was made.

6. Competition Evaluation

6.1. What is Competition Evaluation?

In your competition evaluation you receive an overview of all activities of all landlords in your area. Click on competition and select the listing to be analized. You will then see an overview of all packages in an area of 30 km to your rental. Under activities in your area you can see e.g. which landlord upgraded his/her package in the last days/weeks and how high the competitive situation is. In addition, the completeness score based on percentages shows you how well your listing is filled out and which information can be improved in order to have a more appealing profile.

6.2. How can I improve my listing?

The competition evaluation gives you an overview of the completeness of your profile. You can only reach 100% with the highest package when it is completely filled out. All accommodation information and the full number of images must be uploaded. A high quality profile with inviting pictures leaves a good impression on room seekers and helps to increase booking requests. To improve the visibility of your listing, you can upgrade your package in the first step. Based on the competition in your area, we will give you a recommendation about the right package for your area. In the second step, you have the possibility to inrease your visibility by mirroring your listing to our affiliate portal Pension.de or by booking a Top Entry.

7. Booking Requests

7.1. How do I receive booking requests?

You can receive booking requests via phone, E-Mail or the integrated booking request form on the detailed page of the listing. Bye using the integrated booking request form, the room seeker has the option to make a non binding request with information about their stay. The landlord receives an E-Mail of the request and can also review it in the customer area by clicking the tab "Requests". If you do not want to use the booking request form, you can set your E-Mail address to invisible in your customer area under Edit Entry. The booking request form is only available for Silver, Gold and Platinum entries.

7.2. What are guest ratings?

Guests have the opportunity to reward your accommodation with awards and stars up to 12 months after their stay. Received awards can increase the interest of potential tenants and therefore generate more booking requests. Awards are availaible for all Silver, Gold and Platinum listings provided that the booking request form is active.

7.3. How do I request guest ratings?

In your customer area you have the possibility to ask former tenants for a guest rating. Go to "Requests" and click on the button "Request feedback" on the right hand side of each request. The tenant receives an automated E-Mail with the explanation on how to reward.

8. Account and Billing Information

8.1. How do I subscribe or unsubscibe the newsletter?

On the right hand side in the customer area you will find the tab Account. Here you can either subscribe or unsubscribe. In addition, there is also the option to click on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of every newsletter.

8.2. Where do I change my billing address?

Login with your access data and open the tab Account in your customer area. Here you can see the current billing and contact address. It can be changed independently at any time and is updated immediately after saving.

8.3. Which payment methods are there?

At Monteurzimmer.de you can choose between the following payment methods:

Payment by invoice: when paying by invoice, you will receive your invoice by post or E-Mail. The invoice amount is due by bank transfer within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.

Payment by direct debit: when paying by direct debit, the current invoice amount will be debited from your deposited account no earlier than 5 days after receiving the invoice. Please note that the debit can only be made after approval for the SEPA direct debit mandate under the tab "Account". If you do not give your consent, you will automatically receive an invoice for the transfer.

8.4. What is the service and duration rate on my invoice?

The total invoice amount is divided into a service rate and a duration rate. The service rate represents the contractual service in the beginning of each duration and will be posted within one month. The duration rate includes the presentation of the booked package on our website for the whole duration of the contract and will be posted over 12 months. Both are integral parts of an invoice and are due again and again on renewal.

8.5. "I have received a warning - what now?"

When paying by invoice, you must pay the open invoice amount by bank transfer within 14 days of receiving the invoice. If the invoice amount is not received into our account, you will go through our postal reminder system (payment reminder, warning, debt collection) until your customer profile is deactivated. You will always be informed of all dunning levels by post mail. Please note: the automated process can lead to overlaps between incoming payments and open claims. If you have already paid, please consider the notifications as irrelevant.

8.6. "I am a customer from other EU countries or Switzerland - what do I have to keep in mind?"

As a customer from other EU countries or Switzerland, there is not much to consider. Choose the country of your billing address in the dropdown for country while purchasing and indicate your turnover tax, if possible. If you indicate your turnover tax ID, we assume that you are a client outside of Germany and issue the invoice after § 13b UStG according to the VAT reserve procedure. If you do not provide any information on the turnover tax ID, you will receive the invoice plus VAT applicable in Germany.

9. Contractual Information

9.1. How long is the duration of the contract?

When creating a fee based listing, you conclude a contract over either 3 or 12 months where 3 months can only be selected for a Platinum listing. A Bronze listing is permanently free of charge and therefore has no contract period.

9.2. What is the notice period?

a fee based listing (Silver, Gold, Platinum) has to be cancelled at least 4 weeks before the end of the contract. The termination of the contract can be submitted in written by E-Mail, post, through the cancellation form in your customer area or by telephone to Monteurzimmer.de. You will receive a confirmation from us for each cancellation made. If you do not receive it, please contact our customer support team.
Top Entries with a contract period of 1 to 3 months must be cancelled at least 1 week before the contract terminates. Top Entries with a duration of 4 to 12 months, the notice period is 4 weeks.

9.3. Do I get money back if I claim premature termination?

A 3 or 12 months contract is automatically concluded by creating or renewing the contract. Therefore we cannot refund you any money on premature termination.

10. Reverse-Charge Procedure

10.1. When does the reverse charge procedure apply?

The reverse charge procedure is used for cross-border services. The recipient of the service must be an enterprise or a legal person and therefore in possession of a VAT identification number.

10.2. How does an invoice look like according to the reverse charge procedure?

Under the reverse charge procedure, the company may not show the sales tax on the invoice to the customer. The customer therefore only receives a net invoice. According to Section 14a (5) of the German Turnover Tax Act (UStG), an invoice that falls under the reverse charge procedure must be marked with a corresponding note to this effect, e.g. Tax liability of the recipient of the service.

10.3. How to pay the sales tax?

The customer is liable for the tax. The recipient of the service abroad must therefore pay the VAT to the relevant tax office independently. The VAT paid is claimed by the foreign service recipient as input tax.

Should you have any further questions that have not been answered yet, contact our customer support team during our office hours from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm.

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